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We're back!!

Firstly I need to apologise for my terrible lack of blog posts! Originally I said I was going to post once a week...lets be more realistic and change that to once a month!

Olive collection

So...welcome to my monthly blog!

What's been going on... I have been super busy recently with wedding planning, going on holidays and just general life! However I have now released 3 out of the 4 designs from our corduroy collection. YAY! Honey, Berry and Olive are now all live on our website! Our final design from this collection will hopefully up and ready to go next week! (fingers crossed)

I'm blown away by your feedback and reviews on Trustpilot, I get so nervous and riddled with imposter syndrome whenever I release anything new so thank you so much!

Berry collar and bow tie

So what's to come....LEADS! I have had so many people asking me to do matching leads for the collars, so I have been playing about with some different ideas for different types of leads, standard leads, rope leads, split leads. I am just waiting for a hardware order to arrive and then I can get cracking!

They won't all be released at once as I'm just a one woman show (don't tell Phil), but I'm also a people pleaser so let me know what you'd like in the comments, that way I can see what is most popular.

I am also now starting to think about Autumn and Halloween designs so watch this space for any sneak peaks of future fabrics and prints on our Instagram page @poochvilleuk.

Thanks for reading, lots of love, Vikki x

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