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A week of firsts and a new collection!

WOW! The feedback I got from my last blog was amazing! I can't believe it's had over 200 reads! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read it...with that in mind I've decided to make it a weekly thing...if I can think of what to say that is. (I feel like Hilary Duff in the perfect man - except I'm writing about dogs not men haha!)

Honey coloured dog bowtie
Honey | Bow Tie

So, what's new, this week we launched the first design in our new mini corduroy collection. Honey. There is another 3 more colours to add to the collection, so keep your eyes peeled as they will be being released soon! I've also started looking at branding tags for our products so everyone will know your doggo's are wearing #PoochVille. So fingers crossed they will arrive soon and then I can add them to our products.

I also created my first Instagram! ..I'm assuming it doesn't normally take over an hour for people to create these, but it did me! haha!! Apparently it is supposed to help with boosting content and 'the algorithm' so we will see how it goes...hopefully it won't take an hour of my day next time! - You can view this on both Instagram and Facebook.

Dog collar, bowtie and bandana in the colour honey
Honey Collection

Starting a small business is incredibly hard, I am constantly comparing myself to others, thinking I'm not good enough and doubting my decision to completely change careers nearly everyday.

However, you have to start somewhere right! This is a journey (enter Miley Cyrus - the climb) and if I stick with it I know I can achieve something amazing! I've had a real think this week about where I want this business to go and what I want to achieve - Phil and I sat at the dinner table with our laptops and a bottle of wine - and now I just have to make it happen! So lets go get it!!!

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback on our products! I genuinely bounce around doing a little dance of joy every time I get an order (so does Phil - don't tell him I told you) and then when I get given positive feedback it makes my day! So thank you thank you thank you, I keep saying this but it really means the world!

See you all next week, lots of love, Vikki x

Ralph vikki hugo
Me, Ralph & Hugo

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Go girl (and Phil!) Looking forward to hearing more about your business updates 😊


You need a business plan, so it's great you've done that together. Algorithms are sometimes quite harsh, so keep showing up and posting about you, your lovely doggo's and your great items.


Great second blog Vikki !!!

Keep it going - we want to know what you've been up to !!!! xx

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