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Our first week of Launch....and our first blog entry!

Hi again, its me Vikki, founder of #PoochVille! Firstly I just want to take some time to thank everyone who has shared, commented, followed and purchased products from us so far! We are so grateful! Starting a new business from scratch is very scary and overwhelming but everyone's support means the world.

Vikki, Ralph and Hugo
Me, Ralph and Hugo

I have decided to create a blog (also scary and overwhelming) to run alongside the business, to allow you all to get to know us a little better by sharing an honest viewpoint of the ups and downs we face in our journey. P.s I am not a writer so bear with me.

So...where to begin...At the beginning I guess... As you can see in my 'about us' page, I had a pretty rough year in 2023 to say the least. I sadly lost both my parents to cancer just 6 weeks apart, 3 months later I then lost my Grandma and my fiancées Grandad, and this year my Auntie sadly passed's been beyond anything I could imagine. I was 29 when they died and even though I am an 'adult', losing both your parents and grandparents before you hit 30 has been well... I don't really think there is a word to describe that.

PoochVille Logo
PoochVille Logo - Ralph and Hugo looking v handsome

I have however, got some wonderfully supportive friends an incredibly amazing fiancée, Phil. Who has been my solid foundation through a whirlwind of extreme lows. Phil is the one who encouraged me to start this PoochVille adventure (I'd post a photo of him but he likes to think of himself as the invisible face of PoochVille) and to be honest even though we are very new, so far I have loved it!! He and my two best boys Ralph and Hugo are my inspiration to carry on and push through. Ralph and Hugo are the two doggo's you can see on our logo. I couldn't of done this without them so obviously they had to be the face of the brand!

Now less about me and more about #PoochVille...WOW! There is so much to do when you first start. I was so naïve in thinking 'oh yeah, I can start a business, piece of cake' HA! How wrong was I! So many things I didn't even think of like, the whole process of actually registering a business. They don't make it easy...well I didn't find it easy anyway - my business studies GCSE and BTEC did not set me up for this.

So far we only have one collection, the Houndstooth Collection...don't panic though!!

There's more to come, literally as I type this our lovely posty has just delivered the fabric for our new collection - think summer (vague, I know but I've got to build up the suspense some how...I'll post a pic on instagram). I have taught myself to sew from scratch - grandma will be proud...memories of cross stitch in her living room as a child come flooding back. So I didn't want to overwhelm myself even more by trying to do to much too soon, hence just 3 products as a starting point.

Anyway, I don't want to make this too long and bore you all but I just wanted to give you all an idea of who I am, what our business is about and what's to come!

Thank you for reading, lots of love Vikki x

[insert cute/funny gif here]

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Thank you all so much x


Amazing Vikki! Congratulations on your achievements so far. There will be highs and lows throughout your business, never give up is my only advice. People are always watching, even if they don't seem to be visible. 💜 So excited for the summer collection!


Love this Vikki! Love Ralph and Hugo too ❤


Ralph and Hugo are just everything 💕 Love this! xx


Well done Vikki !!!

Lovely blog xxx