Why, Why Wednesday?!

Following a number of events over the last couple of weeks I was inspired to take the plunge and start talking about the all important 'whys'. The dog walking industry is totally unregulated meaning that it is entirely up to owners to do their due diligence and ensure that they are choosing someone who is going to take great care with their beloved pooch.

Over the coming weeks and months I will explore lots of dog related why's? But I'll be starting with why I make the choices I do with the dogs that I am entrusted with.

I started dog walking as a profession in 2014 and a lot has changed about my practise between then and now. I have learned an awful lot from personal experiences, other professionals and from self study. I thought that it would be useful to share my perspective and to explain why I think it's so important to think deeply about the choices we make for our dogs.

It's all to easy to be flippant about things and to assume that everything will be ok. Hopefully by joining me to explore the why's you will have a new insight into your dog's world when they're with their dog walker. And hopefully you'll be delighted with the choice you've made for your pup!

To read about Why I transport the dogs I care for separately please visit my next blog!

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