Why do I walk in different places each day?

I absolutely love walking and being in the great outdoors, but walk in the same place or same few places every day and it can become pretty mundane. Same sights, same people, same old, same old..... Yawn! From years of experience dog walking I'd say this is pretty much how dogs can feel too.

I used to dog walk locally and do two group dog walks a day. Time constraints performing two lunch time walks for two different groups of dogs meant that I had no choice but to walk in the same location, day in and day out. There is nothing wrong with this of course, the dogs got their exercise and chance to toilet and have a play with their pals but what I do with the dogs now is a totally different experience for them and me.

I now only take four dogs each day and they're with me for up to four hours usually which means we have the time to change the location of our walks and explore! And boy don't we love it!

The first benefit of walking in a variety of places each day is the diverse mental and physical stimulation that both the dogs and I enjoy. The views vary, the landscape and terrain is different and for the dogs the smells and textures they experience change each day too. One day they can be enjoying the smells of horse tracks and rabbits and the next day cows! Today they are running through open downlands with vast views of countryside and tomorrow they are scouting around woodland and enjoying all the logs that this provides to balance on!

The second thing that I love about changing where we go is that we usually adventure in places where there are not many other people or dogs around. The dogs I spend my days with have everything they need with me, their carefully chosen pals and the environments we visit. We don't need the risk of unknown people or other dogs to be quite frank! I know the dogs I care for well and I am blessed to be able to venture to vast, rural locations for us all to revel in together.

A few years ago there was a spate of dog walker's vehicles being targeted by thieves and a number of dogs were sadly stolen. Whilst this is not the reason for the diversity which we enjoy it is certainly a welcome gain that our routine is unpredictable in terms of our location; most days I don't even know where we are heading when I wake up!

I would say that another wonderful advantage of our adventurous exploration is that the dogs are calmer and gain confidence in a wealth of environments. When faced with the same old places each day dogs (and humans) can look for new ways to make their own fun, this can result in undesirable behaviours. I find that the dogs are so engaged with investigating their new and interesting surroundings that they are rarely interested in creating their own mischief!

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