Newlands Corner

Newlands Corner is nestled in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is an absolutely glorious place to spend your time and has fast become one of our favourite places to visit.

The views are utterly breathtaking as are the hills which you can descend. For what goes down must come up... If you want to return to the car park at least!

Whilst it is a very popular place to visit, for obvious reasons, once you make your way from the car park into the downlands there is an expanse of nature to lose yourself in. Open chalk downlands and wonderful woodland, you can very quickly find yourself completely immersed and far away from everything.

Each time we have visited we have taken a different path and had an entirely different walk to the time before. The last time we visited we took a path down to the left of the hill which lead us down towards a field full of corn, through an empty crop field full of mud and up a narrow lane towards a farm house. I was completely delighted and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed the totally different landscapes through which we travelled.

From the farm house we followed a path up towards a kissing gate at the top of a crop field. This led us back onto the downlands where we could yet again take in the stunning views of the area. There was not another soul around and we had a lovely sit down in complete peace to take in the outstanding natural beauty this special place has to offer. The dogs really do enjoy a pretty view and I love to see them just gazing out and taking it all in.... and having a good sniff about of course!

There are a variety of walks which you can explore at Newlands Corner. Next time I am hoping we will make it to St Martha's Hill and The Silent Pool which is said to have an eerie stillness. Legend has it that this is due to the fate of a woodcutter’s daughter who was surprised by a nobleman on a horse as she bathed in the pool. Having failed to lure her to the bank, he rode his horse into the water and caused the girl to move out to deeper water where she drowned. When the woodcutter returned and found her body, he also found the nobleman’s hat floating on the water. It bore the crest of none other than Prince John!

If you'd rather follow a mapped walking route then download this or visit the visitor centre at the Car Park.

How to get there:

By Car - Shere Road, GU4 8SE

Car parking is Free.

By Public Transport - Take the train to Guilford and then take the 625 or the 25 to Newlands Corner.

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