5 top dog products for the eternal season of mud!

Sadly 'tis still the season of mud which means daily battles of how to keep your dog warm, dry and comfortable both during and post walkies. Some breeds are easier than others to keep clean in this wet weather but all dogs can benefit from a decent water resistant outer layer, a paw clean off, a luxurious robe to dry off in and a nice bath and brush down before their post walk snooze!

Here are my top recommendations to get you through the never ending season of filth!

Equafleece - Equafleece make probably the best winter weather solution for pooches. Their polartec jumpers and suits are cleverly made to wick the moisture away from the dog’s coat to the outside of the jumper. Often immitated but never bettered in my opinion, if you're going to buy your dog one product to get through the rain then this should be it!

Compostable Paw Wipes - These are a great and quick solution to muddy paws. Lavendar infused and good for the planet, they're a no brainer between bathtimes. When it's raining and muddy every, single day sometimes a bath is just out of the question. These are fab for those days and help to keep your pup's paws comfortable between washes. Simply wipe the paws, pads and inbetween the toes for an interim measure!

Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat - If you don't have an equafleece then this is a good post walk solution and will save your back from the hard work of towel drying! Simply wrap your pooch up in a beautiful bath robe for the journey home and you should find them practically dry once you get in.

Bamboo Dog Brush - Once your dog is dry you can simply brush the mud out. This bamboo dog brush also has a silicone massager built in to truly relax your pooch post walk or bathtime.

Dorwest Oatmeal Shampoo - There's no getting out of it. Sometimes only a bath will do! Dorwest's Oatmeal shampoo is gentle, hydrating and smells divine!

If you really want a shiny, clean pooch then the creme de la creme is an outdoor hose down. Take a flask of warm water and fill this bad boy for a post walk hose down!

So there we go, those are my top recommendations for surviving the filth! Happy wading folks!

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