A Unique Daycare Experience

Poochville exists to deliver safe, honest, thoughtful care so that you can rest easy that your dog is content, happy and nurtured when they're with me.



Professional. Experienced. Dog First Care.

Poochville offers a unique, outstanding doggy daycare experience to dogs in Tooting, Balham and Streatham. In a world where people lead increasingly busy lifestyles there is a huge demand for pet care professionals able to deliver responsible, skilled, experienced dog care services. Whether you have a demanding work schedule, a hectic social life or a busy young family to consider alongside your beloved pooch, a day with Poochville is sure to delight your pup. ​


I offer an alternative to the large doggy daycare centres. I provide a small, personal, welfare focused doggy daycare experience giving your pup an enriching, loving space to spend their day in loving company. Your furiend will join a maximum of 3 other dogs each day and will enjoy playtime, rest time and walkies which is all planned to ensure all of their needs are met each day. 


I am committed to providing services which put the needs of the dogs first. Physical and mental stimulation are key to every dog’s contentment and so is adequate rest. My daycare schedule takes all of these elements into account and offers your pooch the very best in life. The dogs safety, comfort and wellbeing are the most important things to me and I work hard to ensure that I am delivering care to the highest standards for each and every dog I spend time with.


I am committed to ensuring any dog in my care is stress free, relaxed and that all of their needs for rest, exercise and mental stimulation are met.


A unique, dog focused, daycare experience for pooches in Tooting, Balham and Streatham.


"Rikki is without a doubt the best decision we ever made for our dogs.  She cares deeply about them, they have amazing adventures each day, they adore her."


I'm passionate about sharing information, be it recommending super walking spots, sharing the why's of how I do things or exploring all things dog!

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